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Smilepod guide to proposal

Welcome to the new Smilepod Blog offering you our take on the weeks events plus our new Smileometer charting what has made us smile this week. Enjoy!


And as our first blog we proudly present:

Leap Year the Smilepod Guide to the┬áDo’s and Don’ts of a proposal


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Pick your moment. During a football game, the rugby or his favourite TV program will not go down well. Set the scene think romance, i.e. candles, music and food.

Be imaginative, make him know you have put thought time and effort into this and have some ideas that reflect his personality, if he likes sailing theme it around boats etc.

Smile! You are offering to spend the rest of your life with this man – make sure you seem happy about it!

Let him have a moment – if you’ve taken him by surprise he might need a seconds thought.

Have the champagne ready – this is supposed to be a celebration!


Propose if you only met last week. I don’t want to sound unromantic but it probably won’t last

Tell his best friend, parents and anyone close to him before proposing. It could make things very awkward and will almost definitely ruin the surprise

Scream if he says no. However, do feel free to remind him that traditionally any man that refuses should buy her expensive gifts… Tooth whitening on him?

Put a ring in his food – potentially starting your life together with him choking is never a good plan

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