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Five reasons to smile in the pod

Welcome to Smilepod the friendliest pod in London. Today we are giving you five reasons why you should always have a smile on your face when visiting us.


Five reasons to smile in the pod

As some observant and loyal fans might know we have recently celebrated our first birthday for our Bank Studio in Cullum street – just off Leadenhall market.

We’ve come a long way since our early beginnings and have come up with a few things about our city branch we hope will put a smile on your face.


1 Teeth teeth everywhere and none are falling out

Since opening in the city we have now cleaned approximately 16,000 teeth! So we really have seen all shapes and sizes!


2 Let them eat cake

The average cake consumption of a smilepod employee is at least one slice per week. Other demands include regular chocolate. Luckily all smilepod employees have easy access to toothbrush and dental hygiene facilities.


3 Guess the age of the dentist

One of our dental professionals who wishes to remain anonymous has over forty years experience. He will also deny his age when asked!


4 Smile Mr President…

The first smiley face recorded on film was seen in Ingmar Bergman’s 1948 film “Hamnstad” Smilepod have built upon this bringing a bit of modern fun to some classic images. Famous faces that have been cheered up with the Smilepod logo include The Mona Lisa, Marilyn Monroe and, the lovely Audrey Hepburn.


5 A smile can save your life

A smile is a good stress reliever and is known to reduce blood pressure. Smiling can also give your immune system a boost so chase those sneezes away with a smile. So make sure your smile is the best it can be by visiting Smilepod


And why not come and visit our Brand new studio in Soho opening on the 16th April? Putting a smile onto the face of Soho.

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