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Famous sights near the SmilePod Studios – part one

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, is the usual English translation of a French phrase first known from Le Proverbe au Vilain(c. 1190) We at Smilepod can sympathise – creating our newest studio in Soho has made us laugh cry and on occasions tear our hair out!

While our new Soho Smilepod has been created in a matter of months (albeit long and hard months) it has lead us to think about our surroundings. Each of our studios is fortunate enough to be in smiling distances of some great London attractions. So today we are looking at London landmarks near our studios.

Smilepod Bank Studio – The friendliest London dentist a smile throw from Bank

Smilepod dental branch Bank is lucky enough to be near some great London Landmarks. We are within smiling distance of the Gherkin which sits just five minutes away from our dental pod. However if we are going to play favourites our favourite London landmark is the Tower of London which is just a ten minute walk away from Smilepod bank. (We are just outside of Leadenhall market (Click here to see us on a map

The Tower of London was originally built by William the Conqueror following his invasion in 1066. Famous for a royal palace, fortress, prison and place of execution the Tower of London has been a spectator at some of the best known event sin the British throne. Some of the most famous prisoners in the Tower of London include, Anne Boleyn the second wife of Henry VIII who was also executed in the grounds. Katherine Howard, the unfortunate fifth wife of Henry VIII who is still rumoured to haunt the grounds where she met her death.

Famous prisoners included Elizabeth I held captive by her sister Queen Mary when suspected of conspiring to usurp the throne.

Today the tower is well worth a visit to see the incredible old buildings, medieval graffiti and truly incredible histories. Plus the crown jewels are kept in the tower so to see some of the finest diamonds in the realm we at the Bank Smilepod recommend a visit. And if you feel impressed by the sparking diamonds of the palace why not impress your friends with a sparkling smile – courtesy of a High Gloss Diamond Polish at Smilepod Bank

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