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Eight things you never knew about your mouth!

Welcome to this weeks blogs where we are examining your teeth and not in the traditional sense.


Eight things you never knew about your mouth!

Teeth facts

1) They have their own holiday!

Yes this is no word of a lie in China September 20th is an official holiday called “love your Teeth Day” Rumours of peoples teeth sunbathing or taking an exotic trip abroad to celebrate the occasion have been greatly exaggerated

2) Got a sore tooth – visit a farm…

In Middle age Germany anyone complaining of a painful tooth was offered a novel cure – kissing a donkey. Luckily dentistry has evolved considerably since then so we suggest leaving poor Donkey in his field!

3) Kissing can make you thin.

Anyone trying to lose weight might want to consider kissing more often. An average one minute kiss can consume up to 26 calories. So pucker up we say! And want to become even more kissable? Try a Diamond Polish Clean to keep your teeth fresh and sparking.

4) An elephant never forgets…

If an Elephant lost a tooth they would have a hard time not noticing. Their molar tooth weights almost 4kg and can be around 7 inches square!

5) Jaws was a killer shark…

Jaws in the film might look somewhat fake but never underestimate him we say. Sharks mouths are amazing. They have  three rows of sharp teeth and can change up to forty set of teeth in their lifetime. Best to stay out of the deep waters we say.

6) Never smile at a crocodile

Continuing on the animal theme we look at another predator – the crocodile. Scared of crocs? You should be unlike humans if a crocodile loses a tooth another one will grow and replace it. Scary.

7) Mines a blue toothbrush

What colour is your toothbrush? Statistically you are twice as likely to buy a blue toothbrush than a red toothbrush.

8) My toothbrush is made of what now?

Originally the bristles in your toothbrush were made of cows hair. And the first ever dental floss was made in 1882. Considering only 24% of the population regularly floss that’s quite surprising.

Hope you enjoyed and check back for next weeks entry.

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