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Orthodontic treatment

About your orthodontic appointments

Why do I need so many check fix appointments?

Frequent Check fix appointments, or “adjustments,” are needed to replace worn-out rubber bands, check on your teeth’s progress, and make adjustments to the wires to make sure teeth are being pulled in the right direction. Skipping check fix appointments can hinder progress, and may cause you to need braces for a longer period of time. These appointments are determined by the orthodontists but generally they see patients every 4-6 weeks.

On this appointment the dentist will always replace the elastic bands on each bracket and may also take out and replace the wire. Each adjustment should only take about 20 minutes.

Pain can be possibly during this time. Most patients are sore for anywhere from a few hours to a few days after each regular adjustment. This feeling can be anything from a mild, unpleasant pressure to more significant pain. However, any discomfort shouldn’t last very long.

Changing to a stiffer arch wire may also be uncomfortable until the mouth gets used to the extra pressure.

If the orthodontist decides to add auxiliaries, such as elastics or rubber bands, these can sometimes be painful at first but patients so adjust to these.

To deal with any post-adjustment soreness, just return to a temporary “soft food” diet and the same pain management techniques that you used when you first got your braces.

Aftercare tips

You should be prepared for the fact that taking care of your teeth will be more difficult once you get braces. Braces have countless tiny spaces to trap food, and this trapped food causes plaque, which can lead to many other dental problems. Because of this, it’s very important to brush your teeth after every meal (snacks count, too), to rinse with mouthwash, and to floss at least once a day. This may seem tedious or excessive, but neglecting your oral hygiene can lead to serious oral health problems, force you to spend additional time in braces, or cause unsightly staining on your teeth. The extra responsibility needed to care for braces properly is something that both you and or your child should be prepared for.

Why come to refer to Raj and Smilepod?

Due not only to the vast amount of cases Dr Raj Jabbal has completed or his knowledge of braces but his kind and honest approach to each and every person.

Dr Jabbal has a great attitude towards treatment which he believes that a patient should have to create a better smile, he always is very positive about each and every person’s treatment and will always great the best result possible to the patient’s specifications.

I believe the relationship with the team is a huge factor in this, the warming, welcoming and polite team will always create a good atmosphere with in the studio for each patient, and this is looked-for as good team work makes everything run more smoothly.