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Welcome to the new Smilepod Blog offering you our take on the weeks events plus our new Smileometer charting what has made us smile this week. Enjoy!


And as our first blog we proudly present:

Leap Year the Smilepod Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of a proposal


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Pick your moment. During a football game, the rugby or his favourite TV program will not go down well. Set the scene think romance, i.e. candles, music and food.

Be imaginative, make him know you have put thought time and effort into this and have some ideas that reflect his personality, if he likes sailing theme it around boats etc.

Smile! You are offering to spend the rest of your life with this man – make sure you seem happy about it!

Let him have a moment – if you’ve taken him by surprise he might need a seconds thought.

Have the champagne ready – this is supposed to be a celebration!


Propose if you only met last week. I don’t want to sound unromantic but it probably won’t last

Tell his best friend, parents and anyone close to him before proposing. It could make things very awkward and will almost definitely ruin the surprise

Scream if he says no. However, do feel free to remind him that traditionally any man that refuses should buy her expensive gifts… Tooth whitening on him?

Put a ring in his food – potentially starting your life together with him choking is never a good plan

Eight things you never knew about your mouth!

Welcome to this weeks blogs where we are examining your teeth and not in the traditional sense.


Eight things you never knew about your mouth!

Teeth facts

1) They have their own holiday!

Yes this is no word of a lie in China September 20th is an official holiday called “love your Teeth Day” Rumours of peoples teeth sunbathing or taking an exotic trip abroad to celebrate the occasion have been greatly exaggerated

2) Got a sore tooth – visit a farm…

In Middle age Germany anyone complaining of a painful tooth was offered a novel cure – kissing a donkey. Luckily dentistry has evolved considerably since then so we suggest leaving poor Donkey in his field!

3) Kissing can make you thin.

Anyone trying to lose weight might want to consider kissing more often. An average one minute kiss can consume up to 26 calories. So pucker up we say! And want to become even more kissable? Try a Diamond Polish Clean to keep your teeth fresh and sparking.

4) An elephant never forgets…

If an Elephant lost a tooth they would have a hard time not noticing. Their molar tooth weights almost 4kg and can be around 7 inches square!

5) Jaws was a killer shark…

Jaws in the film might look somewhat fake but never underestimate him we say. Sharks mouths are amazing. They have  three rows of sharp teeth and can change up to forty set of teeth in their lifetime. Best to stay out of the deep waters we say.

6) Never smile at a crocodile

Continuing on the animal theme we look at another predator – the crocodile. Scared of crocs? You should be unlike humans if a crocodile loses a tooth another one will grow and replace it. Scary.

7) Mines a blue toothbrush

What colour is your toothbrush? Statistically you are twice as likely to buy a blue toothbrush than a red toothbrush.

8) My toothbrush is made of what now?

Originally the bristles in your toothbrush were made of cows hair. And the first ever dental floss was made in 1882. Considering only 24% of the population regularly floss that’s quite surprising.

Hope you enjoyed and check back for next weeks entry.

Five reasons to smile in the pod

Welcome to Smilepod the friendliest pod in London. Today we are giving you five reasons why you should always have a smile on your face when visiting us.


Five reasons to smile in the pod

As some observant and loyal fans might know we have recently celebrated our first birthday for our Bank Studio in Cullum street – just off Leadenhall market.

We’ve come a long way since our early beginnings and have come up with a few things about our city branch we hope will put a smile on your face.

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Famous sights near the SmilePod Studios – part one

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, is the usual English translation of a French phrase first known from Le Proverbe au Vilain(c. 1190) We at Smilepod can sympathise – creating our newest studio in Soho has made us laugh cry and on occasions tear our hair out!

While our new Soho Smilepod has been created in a matter of months (albeit long and hard months) it has lead us to think about our surroundings. Each of our studios is fortunate enough to be in smiling distances of some great London attractions. So today we are looking at London landmarks near our studios.

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