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Dentist – Your Appointment Time

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Please be on time for your appointment

We know Londoners are busy and waiting for an appointment is very frustrating. At Smilepod we always try and see you on your allocated appointment time or within five minutes.

On the rare occasion we run late this is typically due to a dental emergency. Should this occur, we will also endeavour to call you in advance.

To help run to schedule, we ask new clients to arrive ten minutes before their appointment time. This is to have plenty of time to complete the Medical History form. This form helps the dentist know about any allergies, dental or health concern and ailments, or medicines your are taking. If you have not been to Smilepod for 12 months or more, we will ask you to update your details.


It is very important that Smilepod clients arrive before their appointment time, we suggest 5 to 10 minutes is adequate. Smilepod has reserved a specific appointment time with your dentist for your treatment. Our dentists are normally very busy and have limited appointment flexibility. If you are late your treatment time may well be cut short, so that the next client can be seen on time.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, the dentist might not have adequate time to see you, and in this instance your deposit will be forfeit and you will be asked to rebook the appointment.




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